Buy & Sell


Buy and sell a home with me and I will only charge a 2.6% listing fee.  That is a 5.4% total sales commission on the sale of your home instead of the industry standard 6.0%!

How it works:

In many cases clients must sell their current home as a contingency to be able to purchase their next home.  If my services are used on both transactions, I will only charge a 2.6% sales commission on your home, rather than the industry standard 3.2%.  If the buyer of your home is represented by a real estate agent, they will receive the full 2.8% commission as a cooperating fee.   The total sales commission with me would be 5.4%.  That is a nice savings over the industry standard 6.0%.  You will not pay any real estate commission fees when you are buying your next home.


My client decides to save money with my Buy & Sell Program.  They sell their current home for $350,000 with me as their listing agent and the buyer is represented by another real estate agent.  Instead of paying a total of $21,000 (6.0%), my client would only pay $18,900 (5.4%) in real estate commissions.

My client would then need to purchase a home for at least $250,000.*  There are no real estate commission fees owed by my client to purchase their new home.  My commission is paid by the seller of the home they purchase.

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*Clients purchasing a home under $250,000 do not qualify for this program.
***Real estate commissions are negotiable and not set by law.